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Orwell Teaching School

Orwell Teaching School


A teaching school website built for Orwell Teaching School. It has several interesting features with more information about each feature found below in the In Detail section. The client wanted something that showcased their schools and gives the potential new trainees a taster of what they may experience.

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In Detail

This website is built on a proprietary CMS based on a Django framework. As these websites are live, changes are being made on client request.

This particular website incorporates a few select features such as:

Testimonials from trainees and staff to showcase the teaching aspect and add to the reputation of the teaching school.

Upcoming events section which allows the content editor to upload images to add an extra level of design.

Bespoke slideshow with the ability for the user to tab through the images and click on the different links available.

Fixed navigation, a feature of the proprietary CMS is the ability for the content editor to be able to add as many pages as they need, this means something as simple as a fixed navigation requires a little bit more thought as there could be the potential for the navigation to fall off the edge of the page. This was considered in this website and as such when a menu gets to a certain amount of pages a new column is created in the drop down.