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My Portfolio Website


  • Wanted to create a website that was fully editable
  • Interest in Python and django as a technology, have used Wagtail as a CMS before and enjoyed the product.
  • Wanted to showcase work in different ways
  • Wanted to include a blog for the bits and pieces that aren't quite 'my work' worthy


  • Minimum experience in devops so learning to deploy a website using lots of tutorials.
  • Initially deployed to google cloud, but wasn't happy with sharing a postgres database between development and live.
  • Costs were quite high and tutorials to ease costs weren't readily available.
  • Redeployed to digitalocean instead.
  • Learning to serve static assets
  • Learning to deploy a python project.

Technologies used

  • Wagtail CMS
  • Python
  • Github
  • Digitalocean
  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • JS

Design approach

  • Creation of initial design, homepage to act as a landing page main focus to be 'my work' menu.
  • Creation of style guide, this was important as it would create a point of reference for all designs.
  • Responsive is important
  • Accessibility is important although this isn't all in place yet.