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Lady Bay Website

Lady Bay Primary School Design


A school website design for Lady Bay Primary School. The brief was minimal scrolling, bright colours and incorporating a full screen slideshow. The client wanted a formal website with some fun informal elements to make it slightly less serious. The design I created was a first time sign off and the client was really pleased.

Visit Lady Bay Website Here

In Detail

The client wanted a website design that was both bright and colourful but with minimal scrolling, they wanted to keep their parents and potential parents engaged and felt that the more scrolling that a parent would do the more likely they are to click off their website. After talking to them i got the impression that they were after a formal style design with informal elements, I introduced this into the design by including hand drawn icons in the navigation and within elements such as latest news and calendar.

Some features of this design:

Dragon logo which was a redraw of the initial school logo, they only had a very poor quality version, so a redraw was completed with a little artistic license to make up for the badly pixelated areas of the initial image. This logo was then recoloured to be used as the mascot for each house within the 'House Points' area.

Bright inviting colours but not neon on traditional rainbow colours such as yellow as this colour is hard to get past a contrast checker.

Scrolling values, which are important to the client, have been made prominent against the slideshow, these tie in with the slideshow images and allow the client to be able to be creative with the slideshow images.

Minimal scrolling, information has been hidden in pop out bars, to reduce any confusion these are activated on hover of the element as leaving them as a click event could confuse the user who is expecting a page to load instead of a pop out.