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Holywell Primary Website

Holywell School Website


A school website built for Holywell Primary and Nursery School. It has several interesting features with more information about each feature found below in the In Detail section. The designer approached with a more softer design idea to produce the book like approach that the client wanted.

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In Detail

This website is built on a proprietary CMS based on a Django framework. The client had seen some websites that incorporated a whimsical type feel to their design including cursive fonts and water colour features. The designer wanted to push the boundaries with the design and we worked together to be able to add that special extra layer. As this website is live, changes are being made on client request.

This particular website incorporates some of the following features:

Subtle animation with the intention to add to the website and not distract the users overall focus, this includes the school building drawing in and the compass in the links section rotating.

Watercolour backgrounds incorporated with irregular shapes to give that paper like whimsical feel. Careful consideration needed to go into layering to ensure that elements that may appear underneath worked properly.

A latest news feed, this particular feed incorporates images from the latest news post, this helps to create a more engaging feed. If the content editor chooses not to upload an image to the latest news post, then by default this feature is designed to display a logo instead.

Plain text links, the images in the background of the links selection below the latest news needed to maintain an easy to update approach, as schools change year by year the links will need to be updated. It could easily be done by introducing an image instead but this approach I feel makes it more accessible.