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Galaxy Trust Website

Galaxy Trust Website


This is a trust level website built for The Galaxy Trust. It has several interesting features with more information about each feature found below in the In Detail section. The designer followed a galaxy theme for this website incorporating simple illustration to create an impactful design. This website then went on to become the template for the four schools situated within the trust to create that link in identity back to the Trust.

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In Detail

This website is built on a proprietary CMS based on a Django framework. The designer focused on the 'Galaxy' theming within the Trusts name to incorporate stars, the planets within the galaxy and other subtle themes. The four subsequent websites based off this design incorporate the schools branding but maintain parts of the identity of the design to create an impression that they are part of the same cluster of schools. As these websites are live, changes are being made on client request.

This particular website incorporates a few select features such as:

Subtle animation incorporated into the design. These are twinkling stars using CSS animation to fade in and fade out, the planets changing on refresh in the where to next section and when the planet changes to the moon a spaceman animates up and down, the spaceman is controlled using CSS, the planet changes are done using JS.

Numbers animating on the 'Our Galaxy Family' section, this area is completely editable by the content editor so the numbers will add up to whatever number is added to the editing panel of the CMS.

A latest news feed, this particular feed incorporates images from the latest news post, this helps to create a more engaging feed. If the content editor chooses not to upload an image to the latest news post, then by default this feature is designed to display a logo instead.

A Google map being used as a portfolio of schools, this showcases to the user the amount of schools within the trust, what type they are and where they are located. Clicking on each school name within the bar just above the map will highlight on the map where that school is. This hooks up to the Google maps api.

High visibility mode, a feature designed to strip back all the styling and return the site to a high contrast mode in which a user with visual impairments may still be able to access the site without the need of a screenreader.