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Diocese of Southwell Website

Diocese of Southwell


This is a trust level website built for the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham Multi Academy Trust. It has several interesting features with more information about each feature found below in the In Detail section. The designer closely followed the branding and produced this clean design.

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In Detail

This website is built on a proprietary CMS based on a Django framework. This client wanted the designer to incorporate the SNMATs branding which consisted of the bright colours of the logo, this has been incorporated into the design to create the banded rainbow bars. As these websites are live, changes are being made on client request.

This particular website incorporates a few select features such as:

A video feature, this is located within the 'Welcome to Our Trust' section, it is a simplified pop up area that contains the video. The background behind the video is frozen so the user is unable to scroll, this stops the user losing their location on the website. On responsive, this video is nested within the website to avoid hiding content.

A latest news feed, this particular feed incorporates images from the latest news post, this helps to create a more engaging feed. If the content editor chooses not to upload an image to the latest news post, then by default this feature is designed to display a logo instead.

A Google map being used as a portfolio of schools, this showcases to the user the amount of schools within the trust, what type they are and where they are located. Clicking on each school name within the bar just above the map will highlight on the map where that school is. This hooks up to the Google maps api.