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Cirrus Trust Website

Cirrus Trust Website


This is a trust level website built for Cirrus Primary Academy Trust. It has several features with more information about each feature found below in the In Detail section. The designer wanted to tie in the brand identity with the cloud logo by incorporating a bright blue sky with clouds in the background. This website became a template design for the schools within the Trust.

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In Detail

This website is built on a proprietary CMS based on a Django framework. The designer tied in the website to the branding by incorporating the clouds into the background of the main header, they further used the shapes of the logo further down the website to tie the design together. As these websites are live, changes are being made on client request.

This particular website incorporates a few select features such as:

Master template, this became a design that was used across all the schools within the trust, it was important to make the initial build as flexible as possible so it could be reused across the schools.

Count up numbers within the 'Brighter, higher, stronger together' section, this activates when the user scrolls down to this section.

Pop up view our family to display the portfolio of schools within the Trust, a feature which is important to Trust websites as a business.